Another Faivorite of Erin Hunter, Seekers.Join the journey in this free Rpg game, as you live your own life as a bear, survive in the wild, hunt, mate, have cubs, but most importantly have fun!
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 Arcadia - Grizzly Bear

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PostSubject: Arcadia - Grizzly Bear   Arcadia - Grizzly Bear I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2011 4:05 pm

Name: Arcadia

Gender: She-Bear

Animal: Grizzly Bear

Description: Brown shaggy pelt with a black muzzle and tail

Personality: Arcadia is a calm she-bear when it comes down to it. She is not a fighter. She will fight to protect herself and cubs if she has any at that time.

RP Sample: Arcadia lumebered lazily through the thick forest, FishLeap was here and she was excited to refresh her skills on how to catch a fish. Though she didn't completely forgot the memory of last FishLeap was far behind. Her pace picked up into a limp like trot. There before her a large river, bears of many shapes and sizes gathered. She quicky found a spot to fish.
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Arcadia - Grizzly Bear
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