Another Faivorite of Erin Hunter, Seekers.Join the journey in this free Rpg game, as you live your own life as a bear, survive in the wild, hunt, mate, have cubs, but most importantly have fun!
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 The admins bear creation

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The admins bear creation Empty
PostSubject: The admins bear creation   The admins bear creation I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 9:33 pm



age:18 moons(grown bear)

description of bear:Brown bear,with white paws,and white mouth

what type of bear you are:Grizzly

personality:Energetic,but kind protective of those close to her

rp sample:Kiara was resting in her den,when a drop of rain,fell on her nose and she woke up.Kiara shivered as she stretched her legs and walked out of her den.A cold wind battered Kiara.It is so cold outside.Kiara thought,but then felt her stomach rumbling.I have'nt eaten yet.Kiara thought hungrily.Kiara walked across the clearing and spotted a berry bush.That looks like it would taste goodKiara then remembered she had to stay on her territory.Kiaras stomach rumbled again.but i'm so hungry,a little would'nt hurtKiara watched for bears then ran over the territory to the berry bush,and began eating hungrily.Kiara sat down content.

heres an example of a bear creation.

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The admins bear creation
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