Another Faivorite of Erin Hunter, Seekers.Join the journey in this free Rpg game, as you live your own life as a bear, survive in the wild, hunt, mate, have cubs, but most importantly have fun!
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Animal:Grizzly Bear

Description:Brown with one scar across face and one deep bite mark on the under belly.

Personality:Sweet and fun loving, but if needed knows how to be serious and feirce.

RP Sample: Lily was so proud, it was the first kill of the day. For breakfast she had narrowed out a fat, juicy deer. Lily ripped open the new kill, but she didn't start eating yet. Something wasn't right. Besides the scent of newkill was the scent of a..."WOLF!" Lily yelped as the wolf raked its claws across her face.Lily stood stunned at the attack, then shook it of and pounced on the wolf. It rebounded with a bite to Lily's underbelly! Lily had enough of this she let the wolf get distracted by her food, then charged it nad clamped down on its leg.Lily let go and let it slink into the forest, she had her own wounds to attend to.
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